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Growing up as a kid in Miami Florida you run into all kinds of stores that unless you're Pitbull you would never shop from. Back when kids liked collecting quarters to fill up a USA map me and my older brother would grab what we would need to hop on a city bus and visit the fanciest mall in our neighborhood. Aventura Mall was in the middle of a ritzy area therefore most of the stores never really applied to us or our trading card/ comic book collecting needs. It was always funny to see people walk out of these stores having just bought $600 cologne that makes them smell like a mix of freshly new bought luggage with leather (will they ever come out with cologne that smells like cereal? Because I thought for sure if they made green ketchup a thing they could make Cinnamon Toast Crunch a fragrance). Nevertheless it was fun to walk into these kinds of stores and touch everything while having employees follow you around asking where your parents are and why I was let out of a zoo. Our favorite game to play of course is guessing how much each item was worth without looking at the price tag. If I was to ever be on the Price is Right Game show I know for a fact I would be that guy yelling the exact numbers I WOULD need to make Drew Carey hand me fat stacks of free cash.

One day while playing a game of mystery price tag I noticed a simple black V-neck shirt nicely displayed on a rack near the front of the store. "No way are they selling just a plain V-neck, this looks like a Hanes shi