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Yes Man

I specifically remember a time when I was 9th grade where I was taking a test using one of those scantron sheets where you would fill in the blank on multiple choice questions (by the way did anyone figure out yet the idea that C is the best answer to choose when guess-answering a question on a multiple choice test? Because I have been telling people that for years) and not having the guts to tell the person next to me that they couldn’t cheat. With clear directions from the teacher that people who are helping other people cheat, my brain raced with ways in which I could please both the struggling student wanting to copy my answers and the teacher who did not tolerate lying. My fear of failing people was so strong that the only thought that came to my brain was allowing for my classmate to cheat off my answers and then as he turned in his paper go back and erase my entire sheet of paper and fill in the blanks with the correct answers on some of the questions I purposefully answered wrong.

I know exactly what you’re thinking but before you give me a dirty look through a screen on your fancy iPad let me just tell you that the fear of man is strong within me. There is something about living for people’s approval and clinging onto their words that has always fueled me. I’m learning however, that as much as I get fueled by the praise I might receive from pleasing people, I have also been rejected, torn down and completely felt like a failure for not meeting every person’s demands or expectations. Is it a sin to love on others and serve them? Absolutely not. Is it a sin when pleasing people around you becomes an obsession? Absolutely yes. Why is it be a sin to always be the yes man you ask? Because at the heart of the issue you become the man or woman who will always say yes out